About the Announcers

Rob Milton was first attracted to motorcycles in 1974 as an alternative to public transport
and mainly for commuting, although he managed to do a bit of weekend dirt work.
After a gap in riding while his daughter was growing up he bought a BMW K100RS (16 valve) in 1997,
Since then he has owned a BMW R1100GS & R1150GS, the latter being involved in a major crash in 2003.
1999 saw Rob complete a lifelong goal - to be on air with a motorcycle program
he completed an intensive course with 2RRR with the first show
happening on August 16th, 1999.
In 2000 he completed the BMW Safari and spent 11 weeks going around
Australia on the GS, picking up the Off-Centre run in the Kimberleys in August.

Pick who rides what! Phil Harlum & Rob Milton

2002 Rob was joined on the program by Tim Graham and Phil Harlum,
Tim having completed the Radio training course. Together they are keen Green machine motorcyclists
and bring to the program a wealth of knowledge from all areas of racing.
In fact, the level of enthusiasm from the studio with Tim on the panel
and Phil & Rob on the mikes was terrific, making the program far more
interesting for the ever expanding listener base.
2015 has seen the retirement of the founding farther of Ride Rage 'Rob Milton'.
with his very large shoes being filled with the small feet of Stu Macdonald.
Stu's new role  as panel operator and uninformed smart arse re-marker
is allowing Tim and Phil to verbally joust over all things motorcycle.

Boris, Phil Harlum & Tim Graham Tim Graham on the panel

There was a renewed interest and improvement in format which saw the RIDE RAGE episodes take on a new level of excitement. You would not believe how much energy there is generated in the studio, and how much more the listeners appreciate the improvement! It surely shows how the love of your subject matter makes this one of the great expressive outlets.

Boris & Tim Andy the cabbie, Phil & Rob

Tim on the panel, Phil & Rob

Take me back to RIDE RAGE,
Sydney's premier motorcycle radio program,
when too much motorcycling is barely enough!