Have you ever had a desire to do something in your life but never knew where to start?
I had always had a love of radio (a DoubleJ/TripleJ fanatic since 19th January, 1975!),
although I had an inherent dislike for commercial radio (and TV)!
On the other hand, I had a love of all aspects of motorcycling.
I also had a love of alternative music,
but I wasn't satisfied just listening to it myself.
OK, you get the picture, simple enough isn't it!
But how do you put all this together?

There was an ad in DRUM MEDIA for a Radio training course with 2RRR,
a community radio station in Sydney. For $295, a 10 week (2 nights per week)
intensive course got me prepared for what might happen.
There was no guarantee of air time (a precious commodity),
but the powers that be from 2RRR saw the possible benefit of my program
and gave me the opportunity of my own time slot!

Initially, I was allocated one hour from 2-3pm on Mondays,
with the first show going live on 16/8/1999. By January 2000,
I was granted an increase of airtime to 2 hours (2-4pm).

From the beginning, I wanted to create a medium where all aspects of motorcycling
could be addressed, from racing to rallies, clubs to corporations, tyres to tools!
But I didn't have any contacts in the Motorcycling caper,
so I place a message in aus.motorcycles.newsgroups for help.

To my surprise, within one week I had formed a bond with
who have been on the show on alternate weeks since the first day.
I owe a debt of gratitude to these two professionals, for without them
the show would have had very little substance. From here I simply spent
most of my spare time on the phone and e-mail selling the concept and
soliciting interviews. Check out who's been on the show.

Take me back to RIDE RAGE,
Sydney's premier motorcycle radio program,
when too much motorcycling is barely enough!