RIDE RAGE is recorded in MP3 format and uploaded to the net on a WEEKLY BASIS
for the benefit of our listeners and sponsors

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11th August Show
4th August Show
28th July Show
21st July Show
14th July Show Feat Terry O'Neil
30th June Show
23rd June Show
16th June Show Feat Kel from AMCN
9th June Show Feat Toby Price & Rick Olson
2nd June Feat happy hour
26th May Show Feat Brad Swallow
19th May Show Feat Wayne Maxwell,Jamie Stauffer and Paul young
12th May Show Feat Terry O'Neil & Brad Swallow
5th May Show Feat Kel from AMCN & Darryl Rayner
28th Apr Show Feat Alex Pickett & Barry 'Bazza' Porter
14th Apr Show Feat Kel from AMCN
14th Apr Show Feat 'MAD' Mike Jones,Brayden Elliott & Angus Reekie

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We began podcasting in February, 2005.
If you require any shows between Feb 2005 and the last ones shown here
please e-mail me and I'll send you the mp3 file...

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