Managing your Real Estate investment

Managing your Real Estate means you must care for and maintain your properties. When you invest your hard enough earned dollars into Real Estate, you’d think it would be important to you to make sure you care for your properties, however it’s amazing how many people let their Real Estate investments fall into disrepair. This care involves keeping on top of all the areas of your home that require maintenance in order to keep in good working condition. Just like a well oiled machine performs at peak condition, the well cared for property will experience less major issues when it remains top of mind and will sell for more money when it’s time to sell your home or property. Such things as tuning your A/C and changing the filters regularly, keeping your major appliances in good working condition, being aware of what begins as minor plumbing leaks that if left untreated can turn a minor leak into a hidden major seeping water issue that can cause a lot of damage. The examples are endless.

The management of your Real Estate will require you to budget for such expenses also. When you address needed issues immediately and not let them fester, it’s almost guaranteed that your costs will be less, keeping more of your hard earned money. Remember that your desire to invest in Real Estate is to realize a profit and to build wealth. Keeping your costs to a minimum allows you to realize greater profits while being able to turn those profits into additional ownership of Real Estate.

Sense of security – The Big Why

With security comes peace of mind. In Real Estate, this security comes in the form of financial security and an overall sense of well being, at ease, when you own Real Estate. Step across your front door threshold, lock the bolt behind you and just say aaahhhh… you’ve made it home, you’re safe, you feel secure. A security many take for granted. When you start to build your Real Estate ownership beyond your own home, and you walk across the front door’s threshold, you now think, wow, I own this property, I’m building wealth. Now, that you’re building wealth, the security that comes from feeling safe and at peace has been amped up by adding financial security to the mix. Not having to worry about where the next dime is going to come from has a tremendous effect on our overall well being. A few less gray hairs. A few less wrinkles. A few less ailments. I’m all for that!

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